Archery Legends Activities

Where Adventure Begins and Legends are Born…

Archery Legends Experience (Ages 12+)

Our main event is perfect for adults and children aged 12 and above.  Can you top the leaderboard? Hit the swinging targets?  Win the ‘nearest the centre’ contest?  Or forget all that nonsense, enter your zen state of mind, and leave behind those insignificant measurements of success.

Friar Tucks Pizza Party Packages

So Friar Tuck wasn’t known for his Pizzas. But if he had known about the famous Archery Legends Pizzas we are confident he would have approved. Throw in a merry band of archers, some bows, arrows and targets and you have all the ingredients for a legendary party. All we need is a birthday boy or girl.

Little Johns Band of Bowmen (Ages 7-11)

Introducing children to the wonderful world of archery in a controlled environment. Our ‘Dragon Range’ is a specially designed, self-contained shooting area where our mini-archers can learn to shoot real bows and arrows just like Robin Hood. (Ages 7-11)

Young Families Archery Experience

It’s always tricky to find an activity the whole family can enjoy as individuals without someone feeling left out when you have a mix of ages. So we decided to tailor an experience where parents and children of different ages can participate together

Corporate Events

Perhaps your boss would like you to learn the attributes of a master archer; Focus, discipline, control. Perhaps you just want to thrash your work colleagues in a straight up archery contest. Whatever your motives, we can provide a unique experience that is both fun and challenging. We have onsite catering, a meeting room and lots of imagination!

Stag and Hen Experiences

We think archery is the perfect warm up activity before things get too messy later in the evening. If you want to wear green tights and put a feather in a silly hat, that would be ok with us. So round up your merry men or merry ladies and get ready for some serious bow twanging action on the archery range.

Schools and Groups

If you are looking for something a little different that is both challenging and fun, then why not consider archery? But remember, this isn’t just any old archery experience with cheap bows and worn out targets. This is the Archery Legends Experience, with amazing equipment hosted inside a unique indoor archery centre dedicated to toxophily!

Bespoke Packages / Exclusive Hire

Can’t find a package that suits? A large group with specific requirements? or simply want to discuss event possibilities?  Then tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen!  Whether you want to hire the whole venue for a special event, or simply reserve one of the ranges for your own group, we can be very flexible and highly imaginative in delivering the right experience for your needs.

Archery Legends


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