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Robin's Rules of the Range

So everyone can enjoy their time at Archery Legends a straightforward, common sense approach to safety should be adopted by all.

1. Never point your bow at anything other than the archery targets – even without an arrow!
2. ‎Never ‘Dry Fire’ your bow (Shoot without an arrow). 
3. ‎Shoot only when the line marshal says it is safe to do so.
4. Do not nock your arrow (attach it to the bowstring) unless you are on the shooting line and the line marshal has said it is safe to shoot.
5. Collect arrows only when the line marshal says it is safe to do so.
6. No running!
7. ‎Always look behind yourself before pulling arrows from the target to make sure no one is in the way. The nock end of the arrow is also very sharp!
8. ‎ ‎Use only the bow and arrows allocated to you and shoot only at targets in your lane.    
9. ‎There is no such thing as a stupid question. If in doubt, ASK! We are here to help. 
10. ‎Have fun!

Range Etiquette

In addition to these rules, the following etiquette applies…


We are not a regular archery club! Therefore a certain level of well-meaning ‘enthusiastic encouragement’ is expected. If you are wanting a quiet, zen-like experience, then this is not the place to be. However, abuse of this approach, such as shouting, bad language and rude behaviour is a breach of our policy and is not acceptable.


Keep your arrows in your quiver unless you intend to shoot them, and do not point your bow at anything other than the target. It is not easy to tell from a distance if a bow has an arrow in it, so pretending to shoot, even when no arrow is nocked, is not acceptable.
Shooting Line

Stand with both feet straddling the shooting line. Be aware of other people on the shooting line. Keep your bow upright when nocking your arrow so the bow doesn’t interfere with your neighbour. When you have shot all of your arrows, step back from the shooting line so the line marshal can see you have finished.

Archery Legends


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